My Surname - brown edu
Office: Barus&Holley, Rm 516; 401 863 9783
Lab: B&H Rm 044; (401) 863 6222
Mobile: 401 996 3799
Please call any time if you need me in a hurry.

Additonal details from Brown Contact Database
My Assistant: Andria Smith, B&H room 514; 401 863 1442
(Andria will know how/where to reach me)

Campus Map: pdf, jpg
Driving Directions

My office hours (B&H 516) and availability are shown in my ***PUBLIC CALENDAR***
(During the semester I will hold regular office hours. At other times you can confirm that I am in Brown through my calendar. You can also arrange specific appointment by phone, or email - call my mobile if it is urgent.)

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